Your Journey

Your journey is person centered and family oriented. Packages include initial visitation, building the relationship, discussion of advocacy for your end-of-life wishes with the additions of Palliative Massage, Patient Navigator (assistance in navigating Health Care Services), Legacy Projects, assisting with creating a Celebration of Life, Vigilling and follow up family visits. Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) companioning and massage.

Palliative Massage/Wheelchair Massage
Chronic Disease Massage

I trained with Christine Sutherland, RMT of Selkirk College in Nelson. Palliative massage brings comfort, eases pain, soothes fears and relaxes muscles and tension. It can enhance circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. When we are well we head to the spa and when we are at end of life, I bring the gentle soothing massage to the client. *This can include massage for loved ones and caregivers as an add-on. 


I hold your hand, read, be present, help you with your end-of-life wishes, massage, sing, listen.

Advance Care Planning

Assist in the completion of the Advance Care Plan. 3hr initial visit ending in a 30min. follow up to ensure accuracy. You may find other forms you wish to have that I will help you understand.

Legacy/Keepsake Projects​

These may include compiling and writing of family recipes, scrapbooking of photos, creation of digital photobooks, writing family letters and videoing messages/memories. Keepsake projects promote feelings of well-being, appreciation and understanding of life. It also helps with closure and better end of life transitions.


Celebrations of Life Assistance

Creating photoboards, power point presentations, the gathering and placing of memorabilia.



Flexible - lets talk about what this means to you and how I can help.

Licensed Practical Nursing Services

Flexible depending on your needs.

*message for rates. 30min free introductory meeting or phone call to discuss your needs and what my offers are.

*as a Doula I do not

Perform any clinical tasks.

Make decisions for my client.

Project my own beliefs onto my client’s journey.

*as a Licensed Practical Nurse

Nursing Services within LPN Scope of Practice can be performed